Independent journalist Jennifer Pinkowski documents the world through words, images, and sounds. Equally at ease with dusty-old-book research and in-the-thick-of-it reporting, Jen covers science, travel, and culture around the globe.

Over the years, stories have brought her to many countries. See some examples in Articles. Egypt answered her questions about the cult of a boozy, lion-headed goddess. Thailand scared the mosquitos off her with an entomological smack. China hosted Jen’s look into ancient bronze technology; squat toilets and street food; and ways to stay two steps ahead of Ed Norton while hiking. Kashmir simply grabbed Jen by the shoulders and gave her a damned good shake. And that’s just part of the reportage.

Closer to home in New York City, Jennifer has written about the post-9/11 crackdown on illegal immigrants; Pluto, paleontology, and poetry; homeless veterans and teenage prostitutes; censored books and freedom of information; and how infomercials are the epitome of American televangelism.

Jennifer devoted 2007 to a solo global reporting adventure through a dozen countries in Asia and Europe, and then sorting through it all back home in NYC. Read about it, see it, and hear it.

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