XXX! Naked Bump Pix

O.k., these images aren’t exactly scandalous, but I’m not averse to using the lurid to lure you. (Also, I’m sure there are pregnancy porn sites out there, but I’m not actually going to Google to verify. If you do, please spare me—don’t share.)

For weeks now, even through clothing I’ve been able to see The Kid vigorously shifting around in my belly—so many body parts move at once that it kind of looks like a snarl of snakes—but I prefer to watch the action on the bare skin. It’s just so freaking amazing. So yesterday, during The Kid’s typical late-afternoon bump and shimmy, I lifted up my shirt. It was then that Dr. Awesome and I noticed the excellent light coming in through the kitchen windows.

The profile:


The angled view:


And the frontal:


Six more weeks to go. How much bigger will we (The Kid, the bump, me) get?

Soon I’ll actually write here again. But not tonight.

Careful! This Post Could Make You Stupid

Here’s an Associated Press story about fertility statues on display at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in Myrtle Beach, S.C.: “Careful! These statues could get you pregnant”

“The company says couples wanting to have a baby can touch the statues for free during business hours,” says the article.

Wouldn’t it be more potentially fruitful for these couples to touch each other?

You know else I’m not sure I believe? That Myrtle Beach is an alluring destination.